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Look and Feel Better Than You Ever Have Before with the FREE 6-Week “Love it 2 Lose it” BEST BODY CHALLENGE!  

One of America’s Most Respected Yoga, Fitness, and Nutrition Experts, Audra Baker, is Responsible For Helping Thousands from all Walks of Life Lose A Combined 6,751 Pounds While Learning to Fully Love Themselves and Thrive in Their Life... and Now She’s Bringing it ONLINE so you can participate from anywhere!  

This really can be YOUR YEAR! Start it off right by taking care of yourself AND learning how to truly thrive with your body and in your life!  

Click the button below to participate FOR FREE in my First Ever ONLINE “Love it 2 Lose it” BEST BODY CHALLENGE, and download the entire “Love it 2 Lose it” Transformation System, also FOR FREE.  

Begins Jan 13th!

Join the #BestBodyChallenge for FREE & Immediately Download my step-by-step Transformation System to Reshaping your Body + Mind + Heart in 6-Weeks ... Guaranteed!

How the challenge works:

  • It’s simple. Commit fully to the challenge and you’ll forge a body, mind, and heart like never before… in just 6-short weeks.  
  • Click the “Register Now” button on this page to register for the “Love it 2 Lose it” 6-Week Online BEST BODY CHALLENGE. You will be emailed a confirmation from our office. You MUST register by January 12th! Spots fill EXTREMELY fast for this challenge, so do it today. 
  • Once registered, you will be able to download our 6-week “Love it 2 Lose it” Transformation System. This system includes the entire “Love it 2 Lose it” blueprint, along with step-by-step exercise and nutrition programs for you to follow on your own, or with our help (your choice). It also contains the official entry form, instructions, FAQ, and rules & regulations for participating in the challenge (yes...we're giving away LOTS of prizes to qualified finishers!)  
  • Giant Kick-off party via live video on Sunday, January 14th!  

What you get for FREE when you join the 6-Week Live “Love it 2 Lose it” Challenge:

  • Kick-off Orientation with Audra on Sunday January 14th. This kick-off orientation (Live Interactive Video!) will get you rallied up and ready for the fun and effective 6-weeks!  
  • Live video-based workouts, yoga classes, and meditations that you can participate in from anywhere in the world! 
  • Three Live Streaming Interactive Workshop Sessions covering the “Love it 2 Lose it” system! 4 Live Q&A Coaching Calls for additional support! 
  • Weekly accountability, guidance, and coaching during the entire 6-week program via our FB group, Q&A calls, and email. 
  • Complete 6-Week “Love it 2 Lose it” Transformation System Delivered in PDF format once you register. This system includes the entire “Love it 2 Lose it” system, along with step-by-step exercise and nutrition programs for you to follow on your own, or with our help (your choice). It also contains the official entry form, instructions, FAQ, and rules & regulations for participating in the challenge.  
  • A new body, an open heart, and a peaceful mind in just 6 short weeks! 
  • Award ceremony will take place LIVE Saturday, March 3rd where we’ll be giving away $1,000’s of dollars in gifts and prizes from our sponsors to qualified finishers.  

Don’t take my word for it… see what a few past participants have experienced!

I have lost 26 pounds and 11 inches! My life has truly changed. People say this all the time, but I am serious! I will never go back to the poor food choices I was making, or the lack of exercise, and I have changed my lifestyle in the ways I now eat and live. I feel like I am seeing the person that I have wanted to be. I am active again—both with my children and on my own. This is a lifestyle, not a quick solution to loosing weight. The great thing is that it's fun, and provides amazing, fast results!

 I have met such wonderful people with whom I hope to stay in touch and involved. Audra's Program has really been a great new focus in my life. It's just been amazing!

~ Anna, 39, San Jose

I have lost twenty pounds! I have not weighed this little for ten years–since I was 19! I am down 16 inches and two pants sizes! I only have one chin! My body goes with me as I move; it no longer jiggles behind trying to catch up! I feel amazing. My energy has not been this good….well, I am not sure how longs it’s been since I felt this great! I am able handle stress better than ever even though the amount of stress I have is the highest it has ever been. I cannot imagine not sticking with the adjustments; it has simply become a part of my life. While the changes were a little difficult at first and are daunting at times, they certainly are not miserable or unattainable. My fitness future is looking bright!  

~ Lindsay, Morgan Hill

I started in late April with Audra. I had some modest results and because I was feeling better, I started making better eating choices. When I learned about the challenge, I knew this was my year to reshape my body. I carved out a slice of 'me time' in the 6 am hour and got busy. At the beginning I weighed 144 and was over 34% body fat. At the end I weighed 132 and had lost 8.8% of my body fat. I also put on 3 lbs of muscle during the challenge.

~ Susan, Los Gatos

Since starting Audra's programs I’ve lost 8 pounds and 4.5 inches! Even more exciting — this morning I tried on a pair of pants I’ve had buried in my closet since before the birth of my first child almost six year ago, and they FIT!!!!! Needless to say, I’m thrilled!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!  

~ Beth, Los Gatos CA

In 3 months, I took off 17 lbs and in a total of 5 months I am down 22 lbs and continuing to lose. I have dropped 2 pant sizes and a ton of inches, my body has muscle and tone where I have never seen it before. I have 10 more pounds to get to my goal and am confident I will reach it.

~ Marcy, 41, Los Gatos

I completely changed my life and lifestyle while working with Audra and lost 63 pounds. I always enjoy participating in her challenges as they give me a boost in focus and energy toward my goals. Working with Audra means focusing on and healing all the deep reasons we hold onto weight. It's like no other approach out there, bringing love and awareness into getting to the root reasons we struggle, while building healthier habits at the same time. 

~ Lori, San Jose

Who the Challenge is for:

  • Any woman who is sick of fads and gimmicks, is ready to get healthy for good, and wants to not only forge a leaner, stronger body quickly, safely, and permanently…. but who also want to experience the inner shifts that must occur for these new healthy habits to stick for life.
  • You want to wake up your inner “Super Powers” by following my proven 6-week whole-body makeover that not only includes iron-clad accountability, fitness, and nutrition programming… but also includes lessons that integrate eating psychology, pleasure, emotional intelligence training, and neuroscience for a fully comprehensive program that changes you from the inside out.  

What you can expect from the challenge:  

  • Expect to take massive action, to be challenged constantly, inspired, motivated, supported by your fellow challengers, coached, educated, and trained by an elite expert in nutrition, fitness, yoga, and body transformation.  
  • Expect to set and achieve goals, make new, supportive friends, gain a new found level of confidence in your body… expect to CHANGE both physically and emotionally. Expect to be better. To be more. Because it will happen. And because YOU DESERVE IT!!!  
  • Not that you need anymore incentive than what's above, but we have some awesome businesses that we've partnered with that will donate some awesome Prizes, like spa packages, hair styling, gift certificates, and so much more!  

What you need to do now:

Your registration for the 6-week “Love it 2 Lose it” Best Body Challenge must be submitted NO LATER THAN Saturday, January 13th, 2018. Click on the “Register Now” button on this page before spots fill up! We will contact you to confirm and to answer any questions you may have. We look forward to meeting you and helping you forge a strong, healthy, and beautiful body and all the confidence that follows, in just 6 short weeks!

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Can I invite friends? YES, Please!!!! These Challenges are WAY more fun with friends and family. Also, don't forget about your coworkers, too. This is a great opportunity to get the whole office healthy and fit for the New Year. Just send them to this page to register!  
  • Can men join? My Love it 2 Lose it System focuses on empowering women to make healthier more loving choices for themselves. While men can definitely benefit from following the system and support the women they love, they won’t be able to officially participate in the online challenge.  
  • What if I go out of town for a week or two because of vacation? This is YOUR CHALLENGE. If you head out of town, I imagine that this would be the perfect opportunity for you to learn how to go on vacation without "blowing it". Imagine how great it would feel to stay active even while you're away, and to eat CONSCIOUSLY so as to ENJOY the food you eat, as opposed to having a hay-day and feeling bloated and crappy the whole trip. I say: go on vacation AND do the challenge! You'll be sooooo glad you did!  
  • Is the Challenge really FREE? Yes, the challenge is really FREE! I do have a more comprehensive 6-month Love it 2 Lose it Mastery Program, and you'll have the option of joining at a discount if you’d like, but this is optional and not necessary to fully participate in the 6-Week Challenge.  
  • What if I can’t attend very many of the talks, classes, or Q&A sessions… can I still join? YES! Once you register you’ll have the entire 6-Week “Love it 2 Lose it” Best Body Challenge System delivered to you via email. You’ll have a full comprehensive nutrition and movement plan, along with all the online teachings from Audra during the 6-weeks that will be recorded so you can watch at your convenience.  

Audra is one of the most motivating people I have been in contact with. I actually read her Monday motivational emails and videos (which is out of my character). She motivates me to make big changes in my life and I love that she’s very transparent and “real” in sharing her stories.  

  ~ Stacie Puma, San Jose CA